Pat o mne napisal:

Štefan is a wonderful man who has a lot of knowledge and a passion to teach! He is very patient, caring, and is very devoted to his student's success. He speaks English very well and I would certainly recommend his service to anyone who wants to learn English or simply improve their English skills. Patrick McTavish from Montreal, Canada

Dakujem krasne Pat! Velmi si tvoje odporucanie vazim.

Dalsie odporucanie od mojho kamosa Jacka Caseyho z Kanady ohladne mojho vyucovania anglictiny:

Recommendation from a professional musician (A Bass Guy Show/YouTuber) and good friend of Mr. Stefan Valica. Stefan and I started to talk on Skype pretty much every day for the last ten years. We only speak in English and Stefan understands every word I say. Even when I talk fast, use slang or metaphors, etc... Stefan is wise, kind, intelligent, and honest. As a loyal, trustworthy friend, I can always rely on him; he is always around to help. I have noticed over the years that Stefan is constantly learning new skills, reading, and researching, and he has his own small library of books at home. He loves learning, teaching, and keeping up with the latest educational methods. I would highly recommend him and any educational institution would be lucky to have him on staff. Stefan loves to work and is dedicated to what he does best. Jack Casey HND in Music Studies at Perth College in Scotland 2007 to 2010. Contact Jack Casey in Montreal at

Dakujem krasne Jack. Velmi si tvoje odporucanie cenim.

Ziskal som tiez odporucanie od mojho znameho Johna Edwina Skeltona z Banskej Bystrice ohladne mojho vyucovania anglictiny:

I have known Stefan Valica for many years. Stefan is passionate about the English language and is diligent in wanting to pass on his knowledge to anyone who wishes also to improve their English language skills. I recommend anyone wishing to improve their depth of vocabulary skills in English to take the opportunity to have a free trial lesson with Stefan Valica. John Edwin Skelton, originally from York, Yorkshire, England.

Velmi pekne ti za tvoje odporucanie dakujem, John.

Scarlett M. z Bratislavy o mne napisala nasledovne:

Lekcie so Stefanom su super, skvely pristup a prvykrat mam pocit, ze ma ucenie bavi. Som velmi spokojna, pretoze vidim na sebe pokroky.

Dakujem prekrasne, Scarlettka, si velmi mila.